In 2014, five of Australia’s most successful dance studio owners came together to create their own content for preschool dance classes. The key to their success was combining their own knowledge as dance educators with the talents of the best music producers from the kids’ television industry.

The catalogue of READY SET DANCE music features choreography cues with a current and fresh feel that appeals to the preschooler of today. Importantly, the content was created with the intention of attracting more boys to dance class with a gender-neutral approach to the music themes and choreography.

The founders of READY SET DANCE began to implement the content in classes in their own studios and saw an immediate increase in enrolments and retention. After reaching over 200 preschool enrolments in each of their studios, interest in the Australian dance industry began to build around this new music and movement program.

Currently over 230 studios in Australia and NZ deliver READY SET DANCE to over 15,000 preschoolers a week. This focus on the feeder in dance studios has seen dance businesses thrive and ensure their future. READY SET DANCE has won the Best National Activity for Preschoolers and Australian Mumpreneur Awards.

In 2019, READY SET DANCE partnered with Nickelodeon to bring their music to life on the TV screen. The TV series encourages active screen time and aims to get the world moving, one preschooler at a time. This was achieved when the series hit the global Nickelodeon feed that airs in 120 countries. The second series of the show features longer episodes with more focus on learning dance steps and building them into a routine. The show sparks a love of dance in viewers with the aim that they will seek out a dance class filled with their favourite tunes from the TV show. Australian studios using the content have seen huge growth in their preschool market including a 15 to 20 per cent increase in enrolment for boys in dance since the TV show launched.

The global dance community is now more connected than ever before. Dance teachers from all over the world have heard about the success of the READY SET DANCE program and have been requesting an opportunity to experience the magic with their preschoolers. It brings our team great joy to see preschoolers all over the world prancing like unicorns, balancing like flamingos and falling in love with dance with some help from our dance solutions.