BUNDLE – Parachute Dance & Play



Parachutes are one of the best resources for preschool dance class. Use this solution as an icebreaker for class, to create teamwork and encourage sensory play.

Recommended for dancers aged 2 to 5 years.

The Parachute Dance & Play bundle includes:

  1. Three downloadable, original music tracks in MP3 format.
    • Pixies and Pirates (1:08) – Play with pixies in the forest and pirates on the seven seas in this parachute adventure
    • Let’s Go Camping (1:25) – It’s so much fun to pitch your tent and hide underneath with your dancing friends
    • Disco Dream Parachute (1:36) – Grab your boogie shoes and go round and around with the parachute
  2. Three Instructional Choreography Videos (Streamed via your member exclusive account).
  3. Helpful Hints – early learning concepts and teaching tips for each of the songs (PDF)
  4. Printable lyric sheets for each song.


Price: $59.00 USD

Disclaimer: By purchasing this music solution, you will be granted a non-exclusive lifetime licence to use this music for your business only. Please see the full Terms and Conditions to ensure intellectual property or copyright rights are not infringed.